Our Chocolate

  1. Lego Milk Chocolate
    Just one of the Molds that I have
    Lego Milk Chocolate
  2. Chocolate Cherry
    This element represents the description field.
    Chocolate Cherry
  3. white chocolate maple
    Dark chocolate shell with a white chocolate maple filling.
    white chocolate maple
  4. Dark chocolate
    Custom filling are available to make
    Dark chocolate
  5. Couverture chocolate
    I use a French Couverture Chocolate
    Couverture chocolate
  6. 16 pack chocolate
    the 16 pack give box of chocolate, not windowed.
    16 pack chocolate
  7. 24 pack chocolates
    This is my 24 pack of chocolates
    24 pack chocolates
  8. Milk chocolate
    This element represents the description field.
    Milk chocolate
  9. raspberry truffle chocolate
    dark chocolate coating Milk chocolate and raspberry truffle filling.
    raspberry truffle chocolate

I have a local pick up option in Saskatoon, for online orders.
I also have been shipping a lot of orders across Canada.
For Barderpay members I have some of my Chocolates at the barderpay location in Saskatoon.